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Warren Simmons for Doraville City Council


The Right Candidate for Doraville Right Now
Warren Simmons for Doraville City Council

Hi, I'm Warren Simmons, and I'm so glad you're on this page to learn a little about me and how I may serve you and all residents of Doraville.  A rather succinct description of me would be:  


Husband, Dad, Rescue Dog Dad and Advocate, Doraville Resident, Construction Project Manager/General Contractor, Ramblin' Wreck, Braves Fanatic, Runner, Home Improvement Guru, and Hobbyist Chef. 

Adding a little more flavor, I am the husband of one of the smartest people I know, my beautiful wife, Jen, a Public Health Advisor at CDC with two Master's degrees.  My handsome son, Bryce, is 15 and an elite baseball player who just may have a shot at the MLB one day. Jen and I are also parents to two very spoiled rotten rescue dogs, Cooper and Willie Nelson. You'll see our Angel Bella, in the photo here with her brothers. I rescued her at around six months old, and she lived to the ripe age of 16.5!

As a resident and homeowner in Doraville for the past 10 years, it is first and foremost my desire and passion to contribute to my community that drives me to run for City Council in District 1.  And, I also believe I am the right candidate for Doraville because I believe I bring a valuable mix of current civic leadership experience, existing relationships with city leaders, and relevant career experience. 

City Council candidates can tell you that they are going to help shepherd measured and strategic growth to Doraville, but I have the resume that shows that I have done this, and I can point to hundreds of construction projects I've completed in my 20-year career as a Construction Project Manager working with diverse groups of stakeholders. As well, I've considered and voted on nearly 100 proposals for our City as a Planning Commissioner.



Doraville Civic and Leadership Experience

  • I have served in progressively more responsible roles in Doraville starting in 2014 as a Member of the Doraville Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Board that approved the Tax Allocation District to redevelop the GM Plant with the Integral Group.

  • For the nearly 2 years, I have served on the Doraville Planning Commission where I am currently the Vice Chair, a leadership position for which I was nominated and elected by my fellow Commissioners.  

  • My experience on the Planning Commission has rendered me familiar with the process and the types of agenda items the Council considers.

A City Leader Who Works Well with Existing City Leaders 

Coming on-board as a new City Council Member would not present a steep learning curve for me with regards to getting to know current Council Members given that our Planning Commission meetings are the preface for their Council Member meetings, and we have held joint sessions together. 

Career Experience Vital to Doraville

​From the 20+ Assembly soundstages currently being built to the planned 13-acre mixed-use Lotus Grove project to any one of the several small businesses petitioning the City Planning Commission to come to Doraville each month, our City is experiencing unprecedented growth in terms of construction, and I am a subject matter expert in Construction. 

  • In 2003, I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Engineering and a Minor in City Planning.  

  • Over my nearly 20-year career in Construction, I've helped to build the skyline of the City of Atlanta, and most likely some of your favorite restaurants, hotels, neighborhoods, and maybe even your office building!

  • As Construction Project Manager, I am used to working with diverse groups of stakeholders, all of whom represent different views and different objectives.  It is up to me to incorporate all of those views and objectives into a final product. Even though I am working with commercial construction (skyscrapers, hotels, etc.), this same approach translates into government bodies and residences.  

  • Also, as a Construction Project Manager, I am extremely budget-literate, I understand the vendor bidding process, and I am well-versed in the roles that architects, engineers, permitting offices, code enforcement, city planners, developers, and other parties involved in Construction all play.  

I am very passionate about the future of Doraville, and my overall goal is to bring out the great potential Doraville has to offer while preserving the diversity and culture. I truly believe that my civic experience in Doraville coupled with my career experience renders me the right candidate for Doraville right now, and I hope you do too.

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